*knock knock*


Shit! Come in, dogg. What up? How's Biggie?
He's aight...been playing Halo with Marvin. Look, I wanted to talk to you about some stuff.
Fo' sho', fo' SHO'. Speak.
Okay, so, I been thinking about what what you said, about Imperialism being the highest form of Capitalism. Well, I think history has pretty much proven you right on that one, okay?
Right, and you also said that reform was impossible, and that revolution — permanent revolution, led by the "vanguard", who are, as I understand it a small cadre of almost purpose-bred professional revolutionaries.

Stop me if I'm going off the rails here.

Yeah, so revolution is the only answer. Reform is impossible. And the revolution must be led by a vanguard, who are to function both as architects and inquisitors of the revolution. That's some heavy shit, and I see where you're coming from, because Marx was kind of a theorist, you know, but you were there where the bullet meets the bone, you know?
So what I've been thinking about here is basically this: do you think there's a way to manage this without human nature turning the whole thing into a kind of bloodbath?
Not to criticize your management skills or anything.
I said that?
Well, yeah.
You sure I said that? That's awful heavy.

You sure I didn't actually say "It's all about the ducats, Dogg"?

Like maybe you misread it or something?

Pretty sure. You were pretty much on-record about the whole deal.

Well, scratch all that and let's go with: "It's all about the ducats."

The ducats and the big, fat booty.