So last night I had this horrible dream...
Yeah, I was playing this game called Terror Cell, where I had to defend various pieces of our nation's infrastructure from, well, terror cells.
Kind of a Tom Clancy kind of thing, then.
Not, really, no. See...

...first off, all the stages had built-in countermeasures against the bombs and fires and stuff that the terrorists were using, and they were actually far more deadly than the terrorists themselves, who were no match for the player at all. So really you're playing against the level designer in order to stay alive and kill the terrorists.

Kind of a Tom Clancy kind of thing, then.
No, no, it was totally different. Anyhow, I haven't gotten to the weird part yet. All the terrorists were women.
What, like burqa-clad whirling dirvishes with AKs?
No, like goddamned cheerleaders with pigtails in crop-tops and cutoffs. Running around cackling evilly and trying to blow up nuke fuel reprocessing plants.
And you had to kill them with your bare hands.

And you were scored on how well "stylishly" you did so. Like ripping limbs off and beating them to death got you a better score than just strangling them.

And the score was from 10 to 0, the lower the better. And you could do combos on the d-pad to scream taunts like "Bitch!" and "Slut!" and "Unamerican harlot!" at them while you were dismembering them, and that would lower your score.
And I discovered this ultimate combo where I would tear off both arms and one leg, throw her back over my head, held by the remaining leg like a sledgehammer, scream "YOU GONNA SEE IT COMING, WHORE OF BABYLON!" and then swing her down onto a nearby sharp corner or jutting piece of machinery, either exploding her head like a tomato or just impaling her through the mouth. When you pulled that one off, you got a -2.
I am calling Rockstar right. Fucking. Now.